Articles By Robert Certan

Wartime Sacrifice
The Military Chaplain, Spring, 2010.

The Essential Role of the Military Chaplain
The Living Church, Milwaukee, WI, October 1, 2010.

Panning for Gold in the Muck of War
The Military Chaplain, Summer, 2009.

Salvation Through Christ Alone
The Living Church, Milwaukee, WI, July 12, 2009.

Panning for Gold in the Muck of War
Pathways, Summer, 2008.

Quite by Accident
The Living Church, Milwaukee, WI, August 5, 2001.

In The Light of His Mercy
The Anglican Theological Review,
Vol. LXV, No.1, January 1983.

We Were Crewdogs: The B-52 Collection

Articles About Robert Certan

A Soldier’s Story
Memphis Magazine, April, 1989.

Church Service Honors Former President Ford
The Living Church, January, 2007.

A Farewell to Ford
Desert Magazine, May, 2007.

Five Outstanding Alumni Inducted Into Order of West Range
Shield and Diamond Magazine, Autumn, 2008.

Rating Our Religion
Phoenix Magazine, March, 1997.

Lost Linebackers
Soldier of Fortune, February, 1993.

The War in Indochina
Newsweek, January, 1973.

At Last the Story Can Be Told
Time, April, 1973.

Christmas in Hanoi
Time, January, 1973.

Books About Robert Certain
Air Force Chaplains: 1971-1980
By John E. Groh,
Chaplain. Lieutenant Colonel, USAF Reserve, 1986.

Touched with Fire: The Future of the Vietnam Generation
By John Wheeler.

Honor Bound: The History of American Prisoners of War
in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973

By Stuart I. Rochester and Fredrick Riley