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Veterans Legacy Program

Veterans Legacy Program Military.com  The Veterans Legacy Program was launched in May 2016...
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Keynotes and Dinner Speeches

When I was repatriated from North Vietnam in April 1973, I was immediately asked to speak to community gatherings and churches about my experience as a Prisoner of War. Over the years, I have enjoyed responding to other civic and religious groups who wanted a patriotic address with a Christian perspective.  LEARN MORE

Workshops for Churches

With over thirty years of parish leadership in family, pastoral, program and resource congregations, I bring a wealth of experience and insight to bear on the leadership I provide to congregations in need of new perspective.  LEARN MORE

Retreats and Quiet Days

Quiet Days (six to twelve hours) and Retreats (two to three days) are part and parcel of healthy individual and congregational lives. They serve to prepare the participant for Lent, Advent, dedication to special ministry, and recommitment to vows made. LEARN MORE

Post-traumatic Growth and Dysfunction

The aftereffects of traumatic experiences can affect anyone who has ever experienced a significant trauma in life – war, rape, abuse, hurricanes, and many others. The effects can take many forms – depression, rage, inexplicable behavior, compromised decision-making, as well as new insights and personal growth. LEARN MORE


Throughout my life as an Episcopal priest, I have found that a well-done funeral not only shows honor and respect to the departed, but also helps the bereaved say good-bye to a loved one.



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